Wakol D 3035 Universal Primer Ready to use primer for priming cement screeds, calc..
Wakol D3045 Gritted Primer Wakol D3045 Gritted Primer is used over Wakol PU280 to ..
Wakol PU280 Polyurethane Primer/DPM Quick drying in only 45 minutes. A single com..
Wakol Z715 ScreedWakol Z715 fast setting screed levelling compound can have wood floo..
Wakol MS230 Flexible Elastic Adhesive Wakol MS230 is a flexible MS adhesive for g..
Wakol MS260 AdhesiveWakol MS260 is a firm elastic adhesive with high tensile strength..
Wakol PU225 Polyurethane 2 Part Adhesive A polyurethane resin 2 part adhesive for..
Wakol MS265 Adhesive A solvent and water free MS adhesive sausage. Mastic caulki..
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