Wakol Wood Floor Adhesives

We stock wood floor adhesives from Wakol & Lecol.

Lecol 7500 Wood Floor Filler

Wood floor filler Lecol 7500 solvent filler and Loba EasyFill Pro Waterborne Filler.

Wakol MS230 Flexible Adhesive, Wakol MS260 Firm Adhesive

Loba WS EasyFill Pro 5 Litre Loba WS EasyFill Pro 5 Litre. The NEW waterborne filler from ..
Lecol 7500 Filler Lecol 7500 filler is a very popular solvent based wood floor j..
Lecol PVA Engineered wood floor joint glue A water resistant PVA dispersion glue ..
Wakol MS230 Flexible Elastic Adhesive Wakol MS230 is a flexible MS adhesive for g..
Wakol MS260 AdhesiveWakol MS260 is a firm elastic adhesive with high tensile strength..
Wakol PU225 Polyurethane 2 Part Adhesive A polyurethane resin 2 part adhesive for..
Wakol MS265 Adhesive A solvent and water free MS adhesive sausage. Mastic caulki..
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