Wakol Wood Floor Adhesives

We stock wood floor adhesives from Wakol & Lecol.

Lecol 7500 Wood Floor Filler

Wood floor filler Lecol 7500 solvent filler and Loba EasyFill Pro Waterborne Filler.

Wakol MS230 Flexible Adhesive, Wakol MS260 Firm Adhesive

Lecol 5500 UK  Best Price… Suppliers Special Offer Lecol 5500 wood floor adh..
Lecol 7500 Filler Lecol 7500 filler is a very popular solvent based wood floor joi..
Lecol PVA Engineered wood floor joint glue A water resistant PVA dispersion glue ..
Loba WS EasyFill Pro 5 Litre Loba WS EasyFill Pro 5 Litre. The NEW waterborne filler from ..
Mastic caulking gun for adhesive sausage...
Wakol MS230 Flexible Elastic Adhesive Wakol MS230 is a flexible MS adhesive for g..
Wakol MS260 AdhesiveWakol MS260 is a firm elastic adhesive with high tensile strength..
Wakol MS265 Adhesive A solvent and water free MS adhesive sausage. Mastic caulki..
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