Wakol PU280 Primer DPM

Wakol PU280 Primer DPM. 1 coat primer, 2 coats Damp Proof Membrane DPM. Apply 1 coat to plywood or floorboards prior to the installation of parquet or plank floors. Apply 2 coats to concrete subfloors as a DPM.

Wakol D3045

Wakol D3045 is a granular primer that has fine grit in it. Apply over Wakal PU280 on concrete subfloors prior to screeding as a "key" to promote good adhesion.

Wakol D 3035 Universal Primer Ready to use primer for priming cement screeds, calc..
Wakol D3045 Gritted Primer Wakol D3045 Gritted Primer is used over Wakol PU280 to ..
Wakol PU280 Polyurethane Primer/DPM Quick drying in only 45 minutes. A single com..
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