Edger Discs

Edger Discs

Floor Sanding Edger Discs

Floor sanding abrasive edger discs. 6" 150mm abrasive discs, no hole, stick back to fit Lagler Flip, Elan. 7" 178mm abrasive discs, stick back with centre hole to fit Clarke B2, Super 7, Kunzle & Tasin Vega, Pegasus. Bona Edge. We stock Silicon Carbide edger discs, and Zirconia Edger Discs 

Awuko Zirconia Floor Sander Abrasives

Awuko Abrasives. Premium quality, German made for all leading edge sanding machines. 

Lagler Trio 200mm Abrasive Discs

 We stock Silicon Carbide 200mm stick back abrasive discs to fit the Lagler Trio sander. Try the amazing Jost Superpad yellow perforated discs on your final sanding to remove the "spider web" pattern that the Lagler Trio leaves. You'll find a quick pass with the yellow discs will leave a beautiful, scratch free finish. Particularly good when staining a floor.

Awuko 6" 150mm Edger Discs ZirconiaAwuko 6" 150mm Edger Discs Zirconia with velcro back. N..
Starcke Edger Discs 6" 150mm CeramicStarcke edger discs 6" 150mm ceramic are packed 25 per..
Starcke 150mm Zirconia Abrasive DiscsStarcke 150mm Zirconia Abrasive Discs. Velcro back. F..
Starcke 6" 150mm Floor Edger Discs Silicon Carbide6" 150mm Floor Edger Discs silicon c..
Awuko 7" 178mm Zirconia Edger DiscsAwuko 7" 178mm Zirconia Edger Discs. Centre Hole with v..
Starcke 7" 178mm Silicon Carbide Edger Discs7″ 178mm Silicon Carbide Edger Discs by Starc..
Starcke 178mm Zirconia Discs Centre HoleStarcke 178mm Zirconia Discs Centre Hole and velcr..
Starcke 7" 178mm Zirconia Edger DiscsStarcke 7" 178mm Zirconia Edger Discs no centre hole...
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