Tan Floor Buffer Pads


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Floor Buffer Tan Pads

Floor buffer pads are used under mesh screen discs for final floor sanding and abrading finish. Also for applying stains, remove the centre pad and pour a puddle of floor stain in before working the stain around the floor with your floor buffer.

Floor buffing pads are also used for applying or removing oils, hardwax oils and wax finishes from floors during the application process. For the application of Loba Impact Oil or Markant oil, or Floor Service oil use our tan bufer pads to even out the finish.

Thin Floor Buffer Pads

The thin buffer pads help prevent dishout whilst screening wooden floors. They're also economical for oiling wooden floors as they're packed in 10s. 

Our 16″ or 17″ Beige floor buffing pads are are 1 inch thick and sold in boxes of 5

Our 16" Thin Beige floor buffing pads are 1/2 inch thick and sold in boxes of 10

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