Cleaning & Maintenance

Wood Floor Cleaning & Maintenance

Keep you wood floor looking great with our professional care products from Loba and Floor Service. 

Floor Service Parquet Cleaner

Floor Service Parquet Cleaner is a lovely fresh smelling cleaner for oiled or lacquer finish wood flooring.

Floor Service Maintenance Oil rejuvenates oiled floors. Easy to apply, give your floor a fresh'n up.

Loba Wood Floor Cleaner

Loba timber floor cleaner is suitable for oiled or lacquer floors. See the Loba Spray Mop to make cleaning a wood floor a breeze.

Floor Service Maintenance OilFloor Service Maintenance Oil by Overmat, the Dutch spec..
Floor Service Parquet CleanerFloor Service Parquet Cleaner for the universal cleaning..
Floorboy XL300 Floor BufferFloorboy XL300 Floor Buffer  is a great little buffer..
Loba Spray MopLoba Spray Mop with microfibre pad and cleaner bottle. ..
Loba Wood Floor CleanerLoba wood floor cleaner is a highly concentrated, strong yet g..
Loba Parkett SoapLoba Parkettsoap is used for the regular cleaning of oiled and waxed..
Floor Buffer Tan PadsFloor buffer pads are used under mesh screen discs for final floor sa..
Towels Oil RemovalOil Removal Floor Towels are perfect for the removal of hardwax and..
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